More than meets the Eye


Why Astrology?
The whole structure of astrology revolves around the “zodiac” — an arbitrarily arranged belt in the heavens. It includes the paths of the moon and the principal planets. It has as its middle line the sun’s path — called the ecliptic. The zodiac, according to astrologers, has twelve divisions (or signs), each 30 degrees long, marked off eastward from the vernal equinox. The names of these divisions were originally the names of the constellations — groups of fixed stars — within them.

Astrology is the Art of Timing, and the signs of the zodiac were classified and used by ancient peoples thousands of years before the time of Christ.
Well known Astrologer Marilyn Hillier will introduce you to the science of Astrology in an experimental entry-level workshop. You will be provided with your chart and an explanation of your sign and houses. Learn how to use this wonderful tool of knowledge to help to improve your own personal timing, and to have a deeper understanding of how the energies of the stars affect you. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
The practical, hands-on, 3 hours evening workshop includes a light supper.
After enjoying this great evening, you may even consider continuing your learning experience with a full training program... The full program consists of 6 evening workshops and are stand alone classes. So you may choose as you please. For more details, call 07 5533 2738.
Date:                      12 April 2011
                               10  May 2011
                               14 June 2011
                               12 July 2011
                               09 August 2011
Time:                      7.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Venue:                    Harmony, Body and Mind Healing Centre
                               14 Billabirra Crescent
                                Nerang QLD 4211
Investment:           $30.00 per person, per class
Satifaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied once you have completed the workshop and feel you did not receive any value or benefits,
please approach the facilitator at the end of the program and state "Sorry, I don't think this workshop is for me,
I would like my money back", and we will organise a refund for you.

Downunder Insurance